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iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks

iPhone 5 is certainly a great gadget in our daily life, and brings much convenience.But if you catch more skill in using somne of the apps built on your iPhone 5, you will find life is indeed so wonderful.

These below simple tips and tricks will help you get more done with Siri, and make the things you do on your iPhone every day even easier and quicker.

# 1 See how to use Siri

When you press and hold the "Home button", Siri asks, "What can I help you with?" Tap the "i" button,you will see a detailed list of the things that Siri can help you, and also how the things can be done.



# 2 Refresh your inbox with a swipe

When you are anticipating an important email, do you want to make other irrelevant emails clear at once? Refresh your mailboxes in an instant, just get your iPhone a quick downward swipe.

# 3 Customize your keyboard

In Settings, tap General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut.
So you can create your own personal dictionary, including shortcuts for each word. Then your keyboard not only auto-corrects, it even knows exactly what you want to say as you type.

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