[Solved] iPhone 6s Screen is Not Responding

Apple releases iPhone 6s in the year of 2015. Generally speaking, there may be some little bugs in the new iPhone, such as the problem of screen is not responding. This problem usually has relationship with iOS system, not the hardware malfunction. Here we will talk about some feasible method when your iPhone 6s screen is not responding. You can pick up one of them.

Method 1: Restart Your iPhone

When iPhone 6s touch screen does not work and then is not responding, you can press the power button always and keep it. When your screen appears the slide to open option, slide it to close your iPhone 6s. When it is closed successfully, press the Power button to open the smart phone. If this method does not work, try to use other ways.

Method 2: Forced to restart iPhone 6s

Another possible reason about iPhone 6s is not responding is that the Home button and Power botton are not responseless. If you met this problem, please press "Home+Power" at the same time and keep pressing. Until the screen appears the white Apple logo, it means that your iPhone 6s is forces to restart. Just loosen your fingers and then wait for it to start the phone, and then your iPhone 6s will be okay. If you met the serious problem all of the sudden, even to press "Home+Power" at the same time does not work, you have better plug in it to a charger. And then press Home and Power at the same time again, and finally forced to restart iPhone 6s.

Method 3: Update iOS system in iPhone 6s

Method 1 and Method 2 is only to deal with temporary problem. If you want to solve it thoroughly, you have to wait for Apple to optimize its iOS system. Therefore, once you figure out the new iOS update, just update the iOS.

Method 4: Use Recovery Mode

If your iPhone 6s is not responding, try to connect it to iTunes and use the recovery mode to restore your device. You can make use of Tenorshare Reiboot to do that. This is a freeware to help you enter and exit recovery mode. About how to use it you can follow it as below.
Step 1: Download Reiboot software from official website and then install it your computer.
Step 2: Connect iPhone 6s to the computer and then open Reiboot to run the application. Then you can see the whole interface, which is easy to understand.
Step 3:Click the Enter Recovery Mode and then close boot it again. After that, click Exit Recovery Mode to finish it.


How to Recover Deleted Calendar from iPhone after iOS 9.3.2 Upgrade

The majority of iPhone users now develop a habit of recording their important work or life event calendar on the iPhone for its convenience. But it is also quite common that many users lost their calendars once they update their iOS system (sush as the latest iOS 9.3.2/9.3.1). But don't worry, you can prevent iPhone calendars loss with iPhone Data Recovery.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac will cost you only a short time to recover deleted calendar after iOS 9.3.2 upgrade. The program scans your iPhone or iTunes/iCloud backup, you can restore your calendars, by selecting the files after accurately preview.

Basic Steps to Directly Recover Deleted Calendar from iPhone 

Once you open Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, then connect your iPhone with computer and click "Start Scan" on the interface. Then all previous data are found and displayed in clear categories, you can choose the "Calendar" and select the files you want to restore, finally click on "restore" button and then you can save the iPhone deleted calendars on your computer.

In addition, you can also choose "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File" and "Recover Data from iCloud Backup File" to restore iPhone deleted calendar after iOS 9.3.2 upgrade.

Recover deleted iPhone calendars from iTunes backup

Step 1. Start the program. Then, change in " Recover Data from iTunes Backup File " mode.
Step 2. Select one of the backup, then tap on "Start Scan". The software will extract the data from iTunes backup.
Step 3. Preview and check the files listed after scanning. Select the desired calendar. Click on "Restore".

Recover deleted iPhone calendars from iCloud backup

Step 1. When you run the program, change to the mode " Recover Data from iCloud Backup File".
Step 2. Log in iCloud by typing your Apple ID and password. Select one of your iPhone backup, and click on "Start Scan".
Step 3. Preview the scanned result and select those you want to save it to your Win or Mac.

In addition, Tenorshare can help you recover deleted or lost iPhone data such as messages, contacts, notes, photos and more with three methods above after update to iOS 9.3.2/9.3.1/9.3/9.