How to Fix Siri Not Working After iOS 9 Update

In the case that Siri not working after iOS 9 upgrade, how can we fix that case in easy way? How to fix Siri not working in iPhone? We can get all answers as below.
We all know that the Siri is a powerful built-in function in iOS devices, it has feature including make call, car play, navigate location, reserve restaurant, movie reviews and so on.

How to fix Siri not working after iOS 9 update?

Why voice to Siri not working on iOS 9? I thinks this is a much common question to iOS 9 users. Sometimes unexpected issue happens with you when you are using iPhone on iOS 9. One of them is in the case that you want to ask something with your voice to Siri. But Siri does not work properly. We can learn how to fix that case as below.

Step 1: In beginning you should make confirm that the Siri is Turn ON in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So checkout it at going Settings app and then General and tap on Even if it’s Turn On and however Siri doesn’t working then get started to follow below listed ways.

Step 2: Verify your network connection either Wi-Fi or Cellular data 3G or LTE whatever you used. Sometimes lost Internet connection or with slow internet speed Siri not work handy.
Step 3: Reset Network Settings.

How to fix Siri not working on iPhone?

Option 1: Toggle Siri from settings.
If you notice that Siri is not responding quickly and you are facing problems to search a file on your iPhone or anything on the internet, just restart the Siri.
Step 1: At first, go to settings- General.

Step 2: Then tap on Siri.
Step 3: Finally tap on Button next to Siri to turn it off, wait for some time and turn it on again.

Option 2: Reset Network settings
To reset network settings means that you may lose your saved Wi-Fi spots. In the case that you reset your network settings and use Siri to search something in the browser, the result may start responding and solve problem in few seconds.

Step 1: First go to settings App - Tap on General.
Step 2: Then tap on reset -Tap on Reset Network Settings - Enter your passcode -Tap on Reset Network Settings to Confirm.

Option 3: Update iOS to Latest Version if Available
Step 1: First to tap on settings-General.
Step 2: Here to tap on Software update-Tap on download and install if update is available.

Option 4: Switch On/Off Dictation
Step 1: The same step to the first is to tap on Settings - General.
Step 2: Then scroll down to keyboards.
Step 3: Finally toggle Enable Dictation and Turn it Off and Turn On again after sometime.

Is that your Siri working well now? From reading the top 2 common issues about Siri, have you got how to fix these case easily? I believe you can fix Siri not working after iOS 9 update well.

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