How to Retrieve Deleted History on iPhone

"How to recover the deleted history in Safari web browser? I have deleted the history of my Safari Web browser yesterday. Now I realized that I have lost some important list of websites which were very important for me. Now it is very difficult to find those sites. That’s the reason why I want to recover the History. What should I do for the same?"

When you are browsing web on your iPhone, the outstanding built-in browser of Apple products, Safari browser saves the browsing history and allows you to perform a re-look on the websites you have browsed by the saved history. Of course, you can clear the Safari history regularly to protect your privacy and save the space on iPhone.

Accidentally entering the delete button happens all the time. Some important files like bookmarks are lost this way. Many iPhone/iPad users know that their Safari history can be recovered from backup. But something wrong keep happening in the process of extracting them. For what is worse, many are not used to back up their files. We will get crazy for things like that. In fact, restore lost website address can be done with or without backup.

However, if you accidentally deleted your Safari history on your iOS devices, what should you do? How could you access the useful browsing history on Safari? Well, don’t you worry. Safari keeps a track of the websites you have visited and even you delete them, there are several ways to recover deleted Safari history. Figure out whether the following method will be useful for you.So how to retrieve deleted history on iPhone successfully? You can take the below measure.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is an excellent recovery tool that allows you to restore your missing bookmarks with or without backup. It does more than that. With this iPhone Data Recovery software, restoring Safari history is not a problem. If you're not sure how to use it, please find instructions below.

Step 1:Download and install this iPhone Data Recovery tool from your accessible computer.
Step 2: Launch it and you can see the whole user interface of this professional program.
Step 3:Connect your iPhone to this software and then click the Start Scan button.
Step 4: After a while, you can see the Safari category on the left side. Just click it and then choose your history.
Step 5: Click the Recover button to retrieve deleted iPhone Safari history easily and quickly.

For more awesome features such as how to retrieve deleted history on iTunes backup and iCloud, please CLICK HERE and freely download this software.


How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

“When I recently upgraded my iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s, I was stuck with WhatsApp problem. I want to transfer WhatsApp Messages from the old iPhone to the new one. By the way, can I do it without iCloud?”

If you want to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, there are still two methods you can try, transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone with iAny Transfer or transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone with iAny Transfer

Tenorshare iAny Transfer is an easy-to-use iOS file transfer tool from Tenorshare, the software can help you directly transfer files such as WhatsApp messages, contacts, music, videos, photos and more data from one iPhone to another iPhone. So you can use it to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud by one click.

Simple steps to move WhatsApp messages with iAny Transfer

Step 1. Launch Tenorshare iAny Transfer on your computer and connect the old iPhone with computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Choose “WhatsApp” in the interface, select the WhatsApp chats you want to transfer, then transfer them to your PC.

Step 3. Connect your new iPhone with computer, click on "Add" on top of the main interface.

Step 4. Select the WhatsApp chat history you want to add on your new iPhone.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

iTunes also can restore the files from old iPhone to new iPhone, but it is worth noting that when restore the WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another iPhone, the WhatsApp chat history already exists on the new iPhone may be overwritten.

Step 1. Backup your old iPhone with iTunes.

Step 2. Now connect the new iPhone to the computer and restore it with backup from old iPhone. All your WhatsApp messages will be available in WhatsApp app.