How to Get iPhone 6 Plus out of Boot Cycle

“My iPhone 6 Plus stuck on boot cycle after few restarts while updating the iOS 9.2. I cannot enter DFU mode, the device is constantly beeping "connected to the charger" sound. Please help!”

Actually the situation above is not the only one case, there are many “endless loop of rebooting” or “boot cycle” problem were found at the Apple forum. So how to fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck in Boot Cycle? Here are four methods you can try:

1.Hard reset iPhone 6 plus

Hold down power AND home button until the phone turns off completely. Touch nothing else. Keep holding those buttons. In general, you can get your iPhone 6 out of boot cycle with hard reset. There is no doubt that hard reset can fix many problem on your iPhone.

2.Turn off the power

Once your iPhone 6 Plus stuck in a reboot cycle, you can try to let go of power. Jus hold down the home button for two minutes. Then reopen your iPhone and see if the device get rid of reboot loop.

3.Reboot iPhone 6 plus with Tenorshare Reiboot

If the methods above couldn’t help you, try a free tool Tenorshare Reiboot which can get your iPhone 6 plus out of boot cycle with only one click.

  • Step 1: Launch ReiBoot and connect iPhone iPhone 6 Plus to computer. It will automatically detect your device.     
  • Step 2: Click on "Enter Recovery Mode" to put iPhone 6 Plus into recovery mode. 
  • Step 3: Click on "Exit Recovery Mode" and your device will boot up. After the rebooting process, you will find your iPhone 6 out of boot cycle.
From the feedback of users, most of them can fix iPhone 6 Plus boot cycle by using any of the 3 methods above. Alternatively, you can also share with us any other way that you have tried to fix this issue.

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