How to Clear Cookies on iPhone 6

If there are many cookies on your iPhone 6, and you have never clean about it. You will find the iPhone 6 devices running much slow that before. Then how to clean iPhone 6 cookies in easy way? We can learn more as below.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are a way to make it a small amount of data storage server to the client's hard disk or memory, or a technical customer service side of the hard disk read from the data. Cookies are when you visit a site is, as a very small text file on your hard disk by a Web server, it can record your user ID, password, pages viewed, time spent and other information.

How to clear Internet Cookies?

1: First open Google browser.
2: The top line of the page click "Tools".
3: The pull-out menu with a mouse click on the "internet" option.
4: In the pop-up dialog box with a mouse click the "Delete Cookies" option.

5: In yet a small pop-up dialog box with a mouse click "OK", the dialog box disappears.
6: And then continue to click the bottom left of the original dialog "OK."
Thus, the finished remove Cookies.

How to use iPhone Care Pro to clean iPhone 6 cookies

iPhone Care Pro is a powerful and wonderful iPhone private doctor software. It can help you free manage files , free speed up and clean your devices, backup and restore data in convenient way, remove ads, fix ios stuck and repair operating system and so on. We can learn in details about how to use iPhone Care Pro to clean iPhone 6 cookies.

Step1: Download iPhone Care Pro from the site as below. And install it on your computer.

Step2: Connect iPhone 6 to the computer, then running iPhone Care Pro on the computer. And then choose the option “free clean up”. There are two clean modes for you. One for “Quick Clean”, it can help you clean junk files, like cookies. Another is for “Deep Clean”, it is going to spend more time to free up more storage spaces. 

Note: Before Deep Clean, iPhone Care Pro will backup your data to the computer. So you don’t need to worry about data lost.

Step3: Choosing “Quick Clean”, and click start now. After that you can see 8 options on here (App Caches, App Temp Files, App Cookies, App Crash Logs, Download Temp Files, Photo Caches, User Storage Files, iTunes Radio Caches).
Step4: Choosing the option of App cookies, and scan now, after that you can click clean all. And then you have cleaned iPhone 6 cookies easily.

It is a much simple method for most iPhone 6 users to learn how to clean iPhone 6 cookies. Having you mastered this easy method?


How to Fix iPhone Freezing after iOS 9 Update

iPhone freezing after iOS 9 update?  What’s more, your iPhone frozen and won’t shut down.  Don’t worry, in this article, you will learn 3 ways to fix a frozen iPhone.

 Way 1: Hard restart your iPhone 

Restart your iPhone seems to be the most popular way to solve most problems we meet on the first try. In fact, it also applies to this situation .Restarting your iPhone will solve the freezing issue and complete the iOS 9 update.
1.    Keep pressing both the “Home” and the “Power” button until the Apple logo comes back on again.
2.    Then release both buttons and your iPhone should boot up successfully.

Way 2: Use ReiBoot

Use Reiboot to reboot your iPhone on mac is an effective way to fix your frozen iPhone without data loss, especially when your iPhone Home or Power button is broken.
1.    Download the totally free Reiboot Software on your mac.
2.    Connect your iPhone to PC and launch the free iPhone reboot tool. Reiboot will detect the condition of your iPhone automatically.
3.    Click "Enter Recovery Mode", "Exit Recovery Mode" or use both according to the detecting result to reboot your iPhone.


Way 3: Restore your iPhone to factory settings

Still can’t fix your frozen iPhone? In this case, you have no choice but to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

Tips: You must make sure you've backed up your iPhone data before restoring .Because this operation essentially restores your iPhone to factory settings.

1.    Connect your iPhone (make sure that it is in the Recovery mode) to PC and select your iPhone when it appears on iTunes. Click "Restore iPhone".
2.    Click "Restore", confirm that you want to restore your iPhone.
3.    Then iTunes would display the latest update information for you, just follow the wizard and iTunes will automatically download the latest firmware used to update iPhone to iOS 9.
4.    When finished, you'll see the Hello screen. And then you can select" Set up as “New iPhone" or "Restore from iCloud/iTunes Backup".

Good luck! Hope can help you! As an iPhone user, we may often lost data from iPhone, I often like to use iPhone data recovery to recover my lost data, and you?