How to Fix iPhone 5 Won’t Turn After iOS 9 Update

Since iOS 9 published on last month, there are much people have updated to iOS 9. But the problem is coming to them. Most iPhone 5 users won’t turn after iOS 9 update. Then how can we deal with this problem. You can get answers below.

How to fix iPhone 5 update iOS 9 cannot boot problems

Step1: You should click on the computer end of iTunes to start, let iTunes kept at start of state.
Step2: Then connect the data cable; make Apple products connected to the computer via a data line.
Step3: iPhone 5 next in the "white apple" picture of the situation, and hold the HOME button and power button, remember that while holding down until the picture of the "white Apple "disappear.

Step4: After the HOME key while holding down the power button to shutdown with the state, release the power button (usually switch keys), [Note:! HOME button or press and hold] wait about 10 seconds, wait for iTunes connection signal.
Step5: In the end, after the connection iTunes will display pictures shown above, that your iPhone has been successfully connected to the computer!

Once successfully connected iPhone 5 iTunes, you can choose, the following two methods:
First, there is a user backup, you can see the button to restore the device directly in iTunes inside, click on the recovery can be!
Second, there is no backup can hold down the computer keyboard "Shift" key and click check after the update, choose to download a good firmware update package or upgrade!

In iOS 9 update process, stuck in the Apple logo

This is a common annoying problem when we tried to update to a new operating system, iPhone 5 is more likely to be stuck in the Apple logo and does not start completely. If your iPhone 5 or iPad in iOS9 update stay at the Apple logo screen, you can try to force a restart your iPhone 5 or put it in recovery mode.
Step1: Hold and press home and power button for 10 seconds to restart your iPhone 5. If you are still stuck in the Apple logo, you need to put it in recovery mode.
Step2: The iPhone 5 is connected via USB to your computer, and ensure that the latest iTunes.

Step3: Hold down the Home and Power button for 10 seconds. Then release the power button, but hold the home key.
Step4: You will see the Connect to iTunes screen, you can let go of the Home key.
Step5: Now you can restore your iPhone 5 with iTunes.
Through the above steps, you can solve your problem.

How to use Tenorshare Reiboot to solve iPhone 5 won’t  turn after update iOS 9

Tenorshare Reiboot is the easiest tool for iPhone 5 won’t turn and stuck. There are only two buttons for you to use it. See more as below.
Step1: You can download Reiboot from the website and then install it on any useful computer.
Step2: Then connect your iPhone 5 to the computer. Here you can see buttons of Reiboot. One button to enter, another back.
Following the two steps above, you can slove the problem of iPhone 5 won’t turn after iOS 9 update in quickest and easiest way.

After reading this blog, I hope that you have learned how to use the tool-Reiboot to sovle iPhone 5 won’t turn after update iOS 9.


The Best Way to Fix iPhone 5s/6/6s Stuck in Recovery Mode

“My iPhone 6 stuck in recovery mode after update to iOS 9. There is a connect to iTunes logo on my iPhone's screen. What should I do?”  

Why your iPhone 5s/6/6s Stuck in Recovery Mode ? 


There are three main reasons:
 1. When you update to iOS 8/9, your iPhone gets stuck in a restart loop. It happens when something goes wrong with the update, or when you have extremely low battery life when installing the update.
2. The Apple logo has been on screen for a long time, with no changes.
3. When you attempt to update the iOS or restore iPhone 5s/6/6s data from iTunes backup, the process didn't complete. And now iTunes doesn't register the iPhone when you connect it to your PC.

In this article, I will introduce you a best way to fix iPhone 5s/6/6s stuck in recovery mode quickly. And you need a tool---Reiboot
Reiboot is a very famous freeware that can help you fix iPhone 5s/6/6s stuck in recovery mode with just one click. What's more, you won't cause any data loss when you fix the iPhone 6/6 Plus that stuck in recovery mode any more.

How to use Reiboot to fix iPhone 5s/6/6s stuck in recovery mode ?


Only three steps will be OK !
1.    Download Reiboot software on your PC .
2.    Connect your iPhone 5s/6/6s to PC and run the free iPhone reboot tool. You'll find that the "Exit Recovery Mode" button is now activated when the connection is successfully built.
3.    Click on the button and wait for about 20 seconds to fix the recovery mode issue. Then your iPhone will reboot signifying that iPhone 5s/6/6s is out of recovery mode.

Be careful when your iPhone enter recovery mode, or you could risk losing iPhone data. However, if you lost data from iPhone accidentally, you can use the “Files Manager”— iPhone Care Pro. It can easily help you restore contacts, music, photos, notes from iPhone.