How to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Screen Frozen Because of Low Battery

Although the big screen of iPhone 6 Plus can please many Apple users, but it also come along with low battery life problem. Sometimes you even find that your iPhone 6 Plus are frozen under the low battery situation. For this situation, here are several useful tips to improve iPhone battery life and fix the screen frozen problem.

1. Check for software problems

  • Check battery usage: Some apps or system service are using power all the time, obviously there are something wrong with the ones using the most power and we should shut them down.
  • Restart your iPhone 6 Plus: There could be a rogue process or something else doing what it shouldn't be doing, and a restart can often fix that.
  • Update your iPhone with the latest software: The old version of apps may have some bugs which will consume the battery power, so you need to upgrade your software to the newest version in time.

2. Reinstall or update iOS

If you don’t install the new iOS completely, the system may consume more power, so you may need to reinstall or update iOS on your iPhone 6 Plus.

3. Lock iPhone when necessary

If you do not use iPhone, you can press the Sleep/Wake button to lock your device, or set the interval to a short time to set the Aoto-Lock interval. It will extend your battery life.

4. Organize your iPhone Settings

  • Adjust brightness: Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper
  • Turn off Bluetooth: Settings > Bluetooth
  • Turn off push mail: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data
  • Turn off internet connection: Settings > General > Cellular > Slide Enable 3G/LTE 
  • Turn off push notifications: Settings > Notifications
  • Turn off location services: Settings > Privacy > Location Services

If you have exhausted all of the methods mentioned above and the screen of your iPhone 6 Plus still frozen, the problem could be hardware related. But in most cases, the solutions above can avoid your iPhone 6 Plus screen frozen because of low battery.

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