How to Unfreeze an iPhone 6 if You Updated to iOS 9

Although Apple iPhone 6 has got remarkable sales in the world, it seems that many iPhone users still support some bugs while using them. Recently, the common bug is the iPhone 6 freeze when update to iOS 9. And though the bugs maybe one of the temporary nature, they really annoy the iPhone users. But that bug is not the iPhone 6 users want to see. It seems that Apple doesn’t provide a perfect solution for that bug immediately. They have to ask search engine for help.  Consequently, in this article, we will talk about how to unfreeze an iPhone 6 if you update to iOS 9 easily and quickly. And that information is collected from the Internet.

Method 1: Reset your iPhone 6’s settings

Once your mobile phone is freezing, the first method we can use is to factory reset it. You can go to the “settings” option from your iPhone, and then click the “Tap on General”, then go to the “Tap on Reset” and then click “Choose Reset all Settings” to finish it. But seldom persons use this method because they have no backup data from their iPhone. So if you don’t worry about data loss, you can use this way to rescue your iPhone.

Method 2: Restore in iTunes

The second method is to restore it in iTunes. Just connect your iPhone to PC and connect to iTunes. Then select your iPhone 6 when it appears to iTunes. Click “Restore iPhone” in the pop up window to confirm that you are willing to restore your iPhone 6 in iTunes. And then iTunes would display the latest information for you, you can download the latest iOS 9 and after the process is finished, you are going to see the Hello Screen. After that, you can select “Set up as New iPhone” or “Set up as New iPhone” or “Restore from iCloud/iTunes Backup”.

Method 3: Reiboot [Freeware]

The last way is to take advantage of Reiboot software. This is a professional program that is able to help you get iPhone 6 in and out of recovery mode. It is so easy to use and totally free. It is worth mentioning that this freeware can not only unfreeze your iPhone when you update to iOS 9, but also reboot your iPhone 6 when it stuck in Apple logo or iTunes logo. Just look at the following screenshot, and see how to use it as below.
Step 1: Download this software and install it to a computer, it supports Windows and Mac.
Step 2: Connect your iPhone 6 to computer and then open this software.
Step 3: Choose Enter Recovery Mode or Exit Recovery Mode.

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