iOS 8 GM (Golden Mater) is Available to Download for Developers Now- 34 Release Notes

On June 2nd 's WWDC, Apple unveiled iOS 8 Beta for the first time along with the new OS Yosemite. Though the first 5 betas are rushed and somehow of buggy, now we finally got the official iOS 8. However, on Apple’s Product Launch Reference, it was told that iOS 8 would be released to public on Sep. 17th. Only iOS 8 GM is available to download for developers. 

Though iCloud just suffered the nude celerity picture scandal, Apple product is still the hot hands especially every new product is unveiled. And the truth is that Apple is really characterized by its outstanding devices and OS.

For us common users, we can only get the iOS 8 download on Sep. 17th. Let’s wait patiently and see what is new then.

Let’s have a look at the full iOS 8 GM release notes now:

Notes and Known Issues: the following issues related to using iOS SDK 8.0 to develop code.

1. AVCapture 

2. Backup and Restore

3. CloudKit 

4. Contacts 

5. Document Providers 

6. Extensions 

7. File System

8. Find My Friends 

9. Fonts

10. Game Controller 

11. HealthKit 

12. HomeKit 

13. iCloud 

14. iCloud Drive 

15. iCloud Keychain 

16. iTunes Sync 

17. Keyboards 

18. Mail 

19. Maps 

20. Metal 

21. Notification Center 

22. NSURLSession

23. Phone

24. Photos 

25. Provisioning Profile 

26. Quicklook 

27. Safari 

28. Settings 

29. Setup

30. Speech Synthesis 

31. Stores 

32. UIKit 

33. WiFi Calling 

34. WebKit

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