iCloud Leaked Hundreds of Personal Photos - How to Safely Backup Pictures for iOS

iCloud was Hacked and Hundreds of Pictures Leaked

Since yesterday, twitter, facebook, and pinterest and more other SNS are refreshing with pictures and news that are related to the iCloud Photos Leak. News extracted on Newsweek as follows:

Hundreds of intimate pictures of female celebrities, including Oscar-winning actor Jennifer Lawrence, were leaked overnight after being stolen from their private collections and posted on infamous web forum 4chan.

It is terrible and we are all afraid that to happen on ourselves. Private data like intimate pictures, confidential messages, sensitive notes, etc. are particularly important and sensitive. We don’t want others to access these private data. Sometimes it is even related to crime.

How to Seamlessly Protect Data and Avoid Data Leaking

Personally, from the iCloud data leakage, I think that all cloud service has the similar data security problem. They cannot guarantee 100% data safety since there are more powerful hackers than service providers. So how can you protect your data to the largest extent? Below are some advices:

1>> Different Passwords for different sites

Set different passwords for different sites and make sure the complexity of every passwords. The important note is to write down the password every time you set it up to avoid forgetting it, or you can use password management tool to automatically write down the password.

2>> Confirm domain and safety certificate before login

Before you login to highly sensitive sites, you should make sure that the domain is right and security certificate is available. Besides, don’t use free WiFi network to login highly sensitive sites.

3>> Keep a keen eye on new things

Curiosity kills the cat. Whenever there are new and so-called challenge chances for you, keep more than one eye on it. You should not be cheated by Trojan, Phishing sites.

4>> Make sure the sensitive data is deleted before backing it up to cloud

If you want to delete the private information like the nude pictures on your device, after deleting the sensitive data, you should sync your device with the cloud to make sure data on cloud is deleted.

5>> Clear sensitive data before selling or discarding your device

As we now, every new iPhone could bring a hot and crazy popularity for all iFans and smartphones hunters. Maybe now you want to switch your iPhone 5s/5/4s or other to iPhone 6. Yes? Haha… Important note is to delete and clear all sensitive data and the data you do not want others to access. Setting iPhone to factory default is a good way to do that. Also, you can use the newest free tool iPhone Care to scan and remove sensitive data from apps, browsers history and more to make sure data being permanently deleted.

6>> Backup your data to local computer instead of cloud

As we know, cloud is a virtual space and we have no direct touch to it. For myself, I don’t prefer to backup my data to cloud, instead, I would make a local and directly touchable backup for my important and precious data. To do this, professional backup tool is a great choice. If you also want to keep a local and safe backup, you can have a try. Here is a detailed guide telling you how to make local backup of your iOS data.

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