Top 4 Useful & New Tricks for Fixing/Saving Your Water Damaged iPhone (Data)

iPhone Dropped into Water
It is no exaggeration to say “iPhone dropped in to water” is an international joke. Similarly, accidents like other smartphone, common cellphones dropped into water or other kind of liquid like oil, milk, etc. happened now and then.

Fortunately, developers have realized this serious issue and most of the newest advanced smartphones are water resistant. In terms of this, iPhone is duller and all iPhone is risked by the water damage.

Reasons That Why iPhone Got Water/Liquid Damaged

Dropped iPhone in water by accident
You are pushed in a pool
Playing in the rivers/seaside or other aquatic sports center and forgot to leave iPhone aside
Child pushed iPhone into milk or tea cup
And so on…

How to Save iPhone from Water Damaged at the Greatest Extent?

Since we can’t avoid iPhone dropping into liquid by accident, what we can do is to learn how to protect iPhone to the most extent and how to properly get rid of the water iPhone.

No 1. Don’t turn it on or shake your iPhone

When you realize that iPhone dropped into water, you should immediately turn it off. If iPhone keeps on after water soaking, there will be eddy current which would lead to short circuit so that to burn out master leaf.

In addition, don’t shake your iPhone attempting to drain water away. If you do like this, water will run around your iPhone, your iPhone would get water destroyed more seriously.

No 2. The first thing after turning your iPhone off

What is this? Well, it is wiping the iPhone shell and drying it with dried and clean towel. Then unplug the SIM card and put it away where is clean and tidy. Next, dry the headphone, dock connection, and SIM slot with napkin.

No 3. If there is still persistent dirt, please clean it with wet towel

There will be several cases where your iPhone got liquid damaged. For example, liquid differs as clean/fresh water, heavy/muddy water, sea/salt water, fruit juice, milk, etc.

If your phone dropped into fresh water, you can get rid of the water using dried towel and clean napkin. In the connection part, use napkin or cotton swab to dry it.

If your phone dropped into muddy water, seawater or fruit juice, you may need to send it to Apple Store to repair it.

The impurity in the muddy/sea water and fruit juice would cause handset breakdown. Note that don’t use water to clean the obstinate dirt on iPhone.

More chances are that when iPhone is soaked with impurity water, it is hard to handle with. In this case, you had better send your iPhone to Apple Store to get professional repair.

No 4. Don’t turn on your iPhone after shell and connections are dried

After the above tricks, you may have made your iPhone shell and connections/ports dried. However, you cannot turn on your iPhone then because you need time to dry the water inside iPhone. Let it dry itself is the best to recover iPhone.

Never use hair drier attempting to drive away the water quickly because iPhone battery is inside and the hot wind from hair drier would cause the aging of battery and iPhone breakdown.

After water is dried, put your iPhone into a box with drying agent and let it be there for 4-5 days. If no drying agent is available, use rice or charcoal instead. Drying time varies from 2 to 5 days according to how the iPhone soaked by water and the season.

How to Recover iPhone Data after Water Damaged?

Last but not the least, here is a tip to recover your iPhone at least your data which is more precious than iPhone itself for most people. It is a little case if you backed up your iPhone with iTunes. To restore iPhone from iTunes backup is easy these days. And you can also check whether iPhone can be connected and recognized by your computer, if yes, you can use iPhone data recovery to recover data from iPhone without backup. This is especially useful when iPhone can’t turn on with black screen and you don’t have a backup to restore form.

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