Apple Released iOS 8 Beta 5 to Developers – HealthKit Improvement, UI Tweaks & More

how to update iPhone to iOS 8 Beta 5
iOS 8 Beta 5 Update

As expected, iOS 8 Beta 5 comes two weeks after the 4th iOS 8 Beta release.

The update, build 12A4345d, is available through Apple's OTA updating mechanism on iOS devices. Also, you can download the new Beta from the iOS Developer Center. Apple has also released a new Apple TV software beta update that includes a redesigned UI.

Recently, iOS 8 Beta 5 is only available for developers for developing usage. However, rumors said that the official version will release at this Autumn and the fifth version is the last Beta for iOS 8.

What’s New on iOS 8 Beta 5 Upgrade?

Besides the usual mix of bug fixes and improvements, there are likely to be multiple UI tweaks and other noticeable changes (Seen as below).

New in iOS 8 Beta 5:

>> New Health panel in Privacy settings

>> iCloud has a new set of icons in the Settings app: iCloud Drive, Backup, and Keychain have new icons. The overall iCloud icon has also been updated, featuring a white cloud on a field of blue.

New iCloud icon

>> WiFi Calling: When it is enabled, it's by default labeled T-Mobile WiFi at the top of the iPhone screen.

>> SMS Relay: iOS 8 users are getting a popup that asks them to use their phone numbers for SMS Relay on their MacBooks, one of the new Continuity features between OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

SMS Relay

>> New options for iCloud Photo Storage:  Photos now displays a "Last Updated" notification to let users know when images were last synced to iCloud. There's also an iCloud Photo Settings option to store full resolution photos solely in iCloud while keeping device-optimized versions available on the iPhone to save storage space.

>> iOS restore screen now uses a red iTunes icon: Recovery Mode with red iTunes icon

Red iTunes icon Recovery Mode 

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