iOS 8 Beta 2 Launched:Fixed Bugs & Improved Features

Two weeks after WWDC, Apple launched the second iOS 8 Beta. Compile version number is 12A4297e, you can get the separate download from iOS Development Center. Along with iOS 8 Beta 2, Apple also released Xcode 6 beta 2, OS X Yosemite update 1.0 and newest testing software for Apple TV though it only supports the improved version of the third version.

Apple claimed that new iOS 8 beta 2 is more smooth and beautiful with improvements, adjustments, bug-fixing and trimming on UI.

What are Improved on iOS 8 Beta 2?


Though podcast is said to be a useless application and should be deleted, Apple make it a preloaded App on iOS 8 Beta 2. End users can’t delete it.


Some ads would automatically redirect to App Store before, now, the ads not confirmed by users can be blocked and won’t automatically redirect again, aiming to avoid leading to buy. Also, label preview is improved.

App Store 

In iOS beta 1, the bought pages’ applications are changed to be arranged in alphabetical order and now in beta 2, it is back to be arranged in date as before.
And the bug on comment publishing is fixed, now you can publish comment freely.

QuickType Keyboard

QuickType is available on iPhone and iPad as well, but, iPad 2 seems not available at present.


Instead of blue, now the camera and microphone icon changed to be gray.  The new configuration for messages is that you can mark all messages as read now.


In Settings >Privacy, the new added gadget is “Home Data” which will display the applications to visit Family Data.

iCloud Photos

When you open photo album, iCloud Photos will pop up automatically. To activate it, it will replace your current Photo Stream. 

Notification Center 

Every application, you have choices to “Allow Notification” or not. 


It will display battery usage when there is no mobile network signal coverage. 

Bugs Fixed in iOS 8 Beta 2

App Store: Can’t visit Application developing sites 
Camera Connector: There is no media importing option when connected
Backup: Some Applications restored from backup crash 
Carplay: When Siri is enabled, all the voive frequency will be forced to be 24 KHz regardless what the original frequency is. Carplay crash when you press “Back” on playing interface. 
Extension: Loading time out; No support for full-screen display; Open URL can’t be operated properly. 

If you want to download it and update your device to iOS 8 beta 2, never forget to backup your iPhone before proceeding in case data loss. 

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