iOS 7.1 Launched with the Carplay and Improved Fingerprint Scanner

iOS 7.1 update
iOS 7.1 Interface
Yesterday on Monday, Apple released an update to its iOS 7 mobile operating system -- iOS 7.1 which adds new features such as CarPlay and fixes bugs.

With iOS 7.1, Apple also tweaked its Siri voice assistant, iTunes Radio, and its Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The company streamlined the operating system to make it work better with the iPhone 4, made some user interface refinements, and included some stability and accessibility improvements.

The update is available immediately, now let’s have a look at what iOS 7.1 update brought for us.

What Does iOS 7.1 Update Bring to Us?


Especially designed for CAR as the name tells us
It can be used as you connected iPhone to your car
Support for “Calling” “Music” “Map” “Messages” and third party audio application
Can be controlled through Siri, Car Touch Screen, Knob and Button


Except the auto-decision of when to stop the voice input, it also lets you control the voice recognition with pressing the main button to start and releasing to stop the talk.

Add more natural male voice and female voice particularly for Chinese Mandarin, British English,、Australia English and Japanese.

-iTunes Radio

A new search field that allows users to create stations based on their favorite songs or artists. Users can buy albums with a single tap from iTunes Radio, rather than only buying singles.
Users can subscribe to iTunes Match from their mobile devices rather than from the desktop.

Calendar daily appointments
Users are allowed to view month incidents as well al toggle to see daily appointments.
Add corresponding holidays for many countries.
And the Touch ID fingerprint reader became more accurate with iOS 7.1. There should be fewer false rejections as well as quicker response times in reading fingerprints.
-Auxiliary Functions

Users can choose bold glyph on keyboard, calculator and more other icons
You can choose to “Reduce the effect of dynamic” on “Weather”, “Messages”, and multi-tasking user interface. 
Add items including “Show button shape”, “Turn down application color”, “Reduce white dots”
Camera update that's specific to iPhone 5S users: HDR, or "high dynamic range," will automatically turn on when it's needed.
More countries’ users have access to “iCloud Keychain” function
Fixed some bugs that will lead to screen crash
Improved the fingerprint recognition ability on Touch ID
Increased functions on iPhone 4

Important Note

Since the launch of iOS 7.1, iPhone fans can’t wait to update their iOS devices to the newest iOS. However, improper update can lead to a series unexpected problems like losing data, iPhone stuck on dead or recovery mode screen, black/white screen and so on. Below is some fixing methods for you aiming to relevant problems.

Recover Data after iPhone iOS Update

Fix an iPhone Stuck on Recovery Mode or Black/White Screen

Extra Tips:

1. All devices which are allowed to update to iOS 7 have access to iOS 7.1 update.
2. iOS 7.1 update blocked Evasi0n 7, and it might not be updated to jailbreak iOS 7.1. So if you want to keep your jailbroken device, don’t update to iOS 7.1.

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