How to Extract Files from iPhone in Recovery Mode

iPhone Screen Stuck on Recovery Mode

After iPhone update, restore, or jailbreak, it is likely to be stuck on recovery mode. Then what you concerned is how to extract your data from the recovery mode phone. As a matter of fact, it is not big deal. On the one hand, you won’t be bound to lose data in these cases. On the other hand, you have chances to exit Recovery Mode without losing any data.

Well, let’s describe it in detail. Firstly, we are willing to exit iPhone recovery mode without losing data, then all is fixed. How to get out of recovery mode easily and quickly?

How to Get Out of Recovery Mode without Losing Data?

In terms of entering/exiting Recovery Mode, there are many advices on the internet. Which is the easiest and quickest one? There are traditional ways of holding Home and Power button and new ways such as using Redsn0w, ReiBoot and more other professional free tools. Well, here I choose ReiBoot as the example to tell you how to enter and exit iPhone Recovery Mode without losing any data and easily with one click.

Firstly, you don't need to recite complicated steps such as how many minutes to hold on Home or how many minutes to hold home and power button in the same time, and so on. What you need to do is to download and install the free tool on your computer. Mac and Windows have different package, so you should be careful to download the right one for your computer.

Note: ReiBoot for Mac can be downloaded here.

After you run the program you can see two options – Enter Recovery Mode & Exit Recovery Mode on the main interface. After it detects your device, you just need to click it to enter or exit recovery mode. So easy, isn’t it?

how to extract data from recovery mode iPhone
Tenorshare ReiBoot

Seconds or minutes later, you can note that your device had been put into or out of recovery mode. It is now ready to use in normal state. Check the data to see whether it is still on your iPhone.

What if you failed to fix recovery mode? Still so worried about losing data? Now let’s see another remedy. Actually, this is rarely the case to fail to fix iOS recovery mode. 

How to Save the Data from Recovery Mode iPhone?

If you are unlucky to fail to exit recovery mode, you still don’t need to worry about the data loss. In the below, I will tell you 2 methods to get your iPhone data. One is to get the data from your iPhone directly, but this needs your iPhone to be recognized by your computer. The other one is to extract the data from iTunes backup if you have available backup.

No 1: Recover Data from iPhone Device Directly without Backup

Make sure your iPhone can be detected by your computer, or you cannot use this iPhone Data Recovery tool. After that, download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Note that Mac and Windows have different package. Then run it, follow the on-screen guide.

No 2: Extract Data from iTunes Backup

If your device cannot be detected but you have an available backup, you can extract the data from backup without iPhone. In this case, a professional iTunes Data Extractor is needed. It is as easy as the iPhone data recovery, download, install and run it on your computer, follow the on-screen guide.

After reading this, you must have got the idea on how to recover data from recovery mode phone. Never give up extracting your iPhone data!

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