iPhone Home Button is Broken - Top 8 Tips to Fix It

how to fix iPhone home button
iPhone Tricks to Fix Home Button

iPhone Tricks: Tell You How to Fix Broken Home Button

Sometimes, you would find that your home button can’t work. Don’t know how to fix it and into panic? Don’t be! Let’s learn some tricks, you can become an experienced iPhone geek from a totally green one. This article tells you general solution when iPhone home button can’t work.

Note: These tricks are summarized for you to help when you are in emergent situation. Any false operation, don’t blame me. Hope this helps.

Trick 1:  Simple Flick Makes Everything Good to Go

When home button stuck into death, you can try to flick your home button slightly. When there is white dirt, flick more times until it turns into normal state if this method works for you.

Trick 2: Software Debugging Method

Firstly, open any app on your iPhone, hold on lock button for seconds till the “Slide to shut down” slider comes.
Secondly, Release the power button but not to slide to turn off your iPhone, hold the home simultaneously till the screen return to “Springboard”.

This has adjusted your home button and you may go without restriction now.

Trick 3: With the Help of Alcohol

What you need in this operation are: Medicinal alcohol, cotton ball, a pair of tweezers.

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone
Step 2: Let iPhone keep a 45-degree angle with ground. Home button down and receiver up.
Step 3: Hold the alcohol cotton ball onto home button with the tweezers. Put forth to let the alcohol bleed out to wet the home button, then wipe back and forth along the edge of the home button.

Trick 4: Connect Your iPhone to External Power Source

Connect your iPhone to a power converter and hold on the home button till the voice interface shows up, then disconnect the power converter.

Trick 5: Upgrade Your iPhone or Restore Firmware

One thing to cause your home button out of work is conflict of home button and other programs on your iPhone. Then, you can try to upgrade or restore firmware to fix this.

Trick 6: Use the Assistive Touch Gesture Function

iOS 5 and the later iOS has the Assistive Touch Gesture Function. All operation like “Exit” “Lock” can be done with Assistive Touch without Home button. If you are not an iOS 5 or later user, you need to update your iPhone firstly. To enable Assistive Touch Functon, go to Settings > General > Auxiliary Function > Assistive Touch > ON.

Trick 7: Tear Down Your iPhone for Self-study

This is not recommended if you are not sure enough you can make your tear-down iPhone into integrated one. Plus, the single tear-down process is complicated, let alone the reinstallation. You can go without hesitation if you are an iPhone master-hand.

Trick 8: Send It to After-sale Store

This is the last recommendation. As long as it is still in warranty period, you can call Apple to plea for the carry-in service.

Extra: Superb Method to Fix iPhone Recovery Mode When Home Button is Broken

There is nothing more disturbing than iPhone stuck into recovery mode when home button is broken, though you can get many methods form the internet to exit iPhone recovery mode. They all depend on Home/Power button and iTunes. Now your home button is broken, so you can only look and sign with these methods.

Now I will introduce you a great gadget to help you enter and exit iPhone recovery mode with one click without home/power button and without iTunes. It is Tenorshare ReiBoot.

Totally free and safe tool, go ahead if needed.

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