iTunes Prompted to “Restore”, I Lost All My iPhone Contacts and Pictures


Stupid to Press “Restore” – iPhone Pictures and Contacts Lost

So my old iPhone (3GS) which I'd had for a long long time had been linked to my laptop computer but broke. Then I got a new one--an iPhone 4.

I set it up, and began rebuilding my pictures and contacts again from scratch. A month and a half go by and I've never plugged it into my computer, but tonight I try and add my music to it by connecting it to iTunes.

This is where the trouble all began: I was prompted to make a choice before anything could be done with my iTunes library:
- Restore old settings
- Set up as new phone
- And something else...

I didn't know what any of this meant so I chose to restore thinking "whatever, just get it to work please...."

And like that, all of the contents on my new phone had been replaced by that of my old phone. I lost more than a month of iPhone pictures and all contacts I'd gotten in the last month.

What to Do If Lost iPhone Data Like Contacts, Photos and More?

We can’t avoid iPhone data loss since it is too hard for us to make through in unexpected situations like the mentioned case. We just want iPhone to be working, but accidents happen beyond our control. Now, what can we do to get the lost data back? Don’t worry, we have remedies. Just in this case, we have 2 methods.

Method 1: Restore iPhone Pictures and Contacts from iTunes

This is free and easy if you have a good habit to backup your iPhone to iTunes. iTunes allows you to restore your iPhone from the backup you have created. So if you have an iTunes backup to restore from, just connect your iPhone with iTunes -> Preferences - > Devices, choose the backup listed in the window. Then scroll down to “Restore from Backup”. Note that this will replace all your iPhone data with the files in the backup. That is, your iPhone is restored to the state you last synced it.

Method 2: Recover Lost iPhone Contacts and Photos from Device without Backup

In most cases, we don’t have a recent iTunes backup. So if you restore your iPhone from a very old backup, you still lost much recent data on iPhone. So how can you recover all your data recently on iPhone and won’t lose any data? This is easy indeed. All you need is an iPhone data recovery, which is able to retrieve lost data from iPhone (device) without backup.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is such one tool. It helps you recover iPhone data directly from device, no need of any backup.

This is how to use it to recover iPhone contacts and photos.

1. Firstly, download and install the iPhone data recovery software named. Before you decided to get the full version, download the free trial to have a try. You cannot perform the recovery with free trial but you can preview your lost files.

2. After the right installation, open it on your PC then connect iPhone to PC (also to the program)

3. Once it shows that your iPhone is successfully connected, just enter the DFU mode for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. If you are using an iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C, DFU mode is not needed, which saves a lot of efforts. (It may take up several minutes to enter the DFU mode)

4. Then it takes time to scan your complete iPhone data and show up all the folders on the screen. As the scan completes, you can easily see all the deleted photos and can select the ones you need to recover.

5. When you selected the ones that you want to recover, simply click the “Recover” on the right bottom corner. Specify a save path for the recovered files.

6. Now disconnect your iPhone and open the folder saved your recovered files, you will notice that the photos that you selected would have been recovered.

Actually, I have demonstrated how to recover deleted photos after iOS 7 update before.  It is similar to recover iPhone lost data in different situations.  All iPhone models are supported: iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4,3GS, etc.

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