How to Backup iPhone Photos before Deleting to Free up Space/Memory

Need to Save iPhone Photos then to Delete them to Free up Space

export pictures from iPhone to computer
Backup iPhone photos to computer

Scene 1: My iPhone 4 is running so slow as it has almost run out of storage. Can anybody help me backup/transfer these photos from my iPhone to PC or somewhere else like external hard drives.  I want to save them & then delete from my iPhone to free up the memory?

Scene 2: I have a lot of photos 'cause my husband into photography, we travel a lot, and somehow thousands of photos he took, plus ones I took, plus videos I took, ended up on my iPhone. And I can't take any new photos or videos...or even add an app for that matter until I free up some space on my iPhone.

We've already taken two brief trips where I wanted to use my camera and couldn't...and I was looking for a quick way to copy my iPhone picture to computer and then delete them to take more new ones because we are leaving for another trip in a week, and another one right after that.

How to Backup iPhone Photos/Pictures to Computer

In many cases, we, just as the users in the mentioned cases, want to delete the iPhone photos to free up the space to store new photos or to install other application. But we don’t want to lose the photos as well. So the only thing you can do is to transfer the photos before deleting them. As on iPhone, we have 3 methods to backup our iPhone photos: iCloud & iTunes & 3rd party backup tool. Let’s have a detailed look at how they work respectively.

Method 1: Backup iPhone Photos Using iCloud

iCloud backup is favored by most iPhone users because of it convenience and easy-to-access. You can make the backup as long as your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi. And it is free under the space limitation. Learn details about iCloud backup, you can click here.

Method 2: Backup Photos from iPhone to Computer using iTunes

Only 5 GB is free provided by iCloud. This is too little for photo especially video storage. And the backup is saved on cloud, you have no entity, have you been uneasy with its existence to some extent? If it was me, I would. So, iTunes has become another choice for some users.

Honestly, iTunes is a great choice to backup our iPhone data and we can find the backup folder on the computer. Also, the operation is easy and no special tech is needed. What you need to backup iPhone to iTunes is a computer on which the latest iTunes is installed and your iPhone (with the digital cable). Lear more about backing up iPhone photos to iTunes from here.

Note: Where is iTunes backup located on different OS?

where is the backup created in iTunes
iTunes Backup Location on Different OS

From the location, you can find your backup folder and the backup time. But have you noticed that, if you click the file to open it, you just can’t do this directly? Yes, this is because these iTunes backup files are .SQLITE_DB files which can’t be viewed. Does this also touch your sense of files existence? If so, read on to learn the third method.

Method 3: Backup/Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Computer/Mac with 3rd party Application – Tenorshare iPhone Data Backup Software

Since the two mentioned methods to backup iPhone photos are free, they have limitations. Maybe they are not what you want. Even the backup is made, you can’t view your photos directly. So how can we copy our photos to computer then the pictures can be viewed just as its original state? We have this iPhone Photo Backup tool – Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery.

It is originally designed to recover lost files from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, all iOS devices. Since we can preview the files before recovery, and the files including the existing ones on your iPhone, when clicking “Recover” button on the program, you can get all the ticked files saved on computer.

What’s more, you can save the backed up files as txt or excel files, .jpg files for pictures. So you can view them directly as it originally was. Is this amazing? The tool is easy-to-use, you just need to do it yourself. More fantastic functions are waiting for you to explore. Go ahead.

Download: iPhone data recovery for windows          iPhone data recovery for Mac


  1. That is to say, i can transfer my iPhone photos to my computer? Wonderful, i will have more space on my iPhone now.

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