What Will the Release of iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 Bring to Us

iPad 5

Report has said that and Apple also confirmed that iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will be released at 22nd, Oct. Just several hours left to release, that is to say. Are you also exciting as me? Now I’m so excited and nearly can't sleep to wait the the new iPad and iPad Mini. Though it is not come out eventually, we have heard a lot of reliable and true news about it. Apple has send out invites to an event on the 22nd of October, saying "we still have a lot to cover".

However, since the iPhone 5S has been revealed, we've got plenty of clues on what to expect. This article will rumor some clues about iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.

What are the Most Expected Events on the 22nd, October's “New Product Release Conference”?

Before starting to discuss, let's have a look at what are the likely and most attractive events on the 22nd, Oct. “New Product Release Conference".
The first and most certain one is absolutely the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 release.
The second one: Officially launched Mac OS X Mavericks.
On the Worldwide Developer Conference at June, Apple has released the all new OS - Mac OS X Maverick. It claimed that Mac OS X Maverick will be officially launched at the end of the year. Now it is the end of Oct. and the final beta version is also sent to developers, so it is very likely to be officially launched at this conference.

The third one: The release of new MacBook Pro
Retina screen MacBook Pro was released at 2012 and at February in this year, it had a price reduction. And the new MacBook Pro is likely to update to the all new Haswell processor,in order to longer time of endurance and better function.

The fourth one: The release of display which supports Thunder 2 interface
Apple 27inch display was pushed out at year 2011 and at present, we still use MagSafe1 interfac, USB 2.0 is also kept being used. If Apple pushes out new Mac Pro workstation, then it will update its display in the same time.

Maybe these are not the all events that will happen on 22nd, Oct. We can get the certain answer several hours later. Let's wait and see.

What is New on iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2?

It is said that the outlook of the new iPad is closer to iPad mini. It would appear that the iPad 5 isn't just borrowing the iPad Mini's screen technology, it's also going to borrow its design. This means that the iPad 5 is going to have narrower bezels and be a lot thinner than iPad 4.

It's hard to tell anything from the low-resolution photo, but what you can see is that the rear shell shows a tablet that's thinner than the iPad.

As to the hardware of iPad 5, it will be packed with 64 bit processor following the steps of iPhone 5S update. And it is likely that the updated 800W pixel camera and LED flashlight will also be adopted on iPad 5. 

As to the price, When Apple introduces a new product, it's usually priced to match the one that it supersedes. So with this in mind, we're looking at US$499 (£399, AU$539) for the Wi-Fi-only 16GB iPad 5, US$599 (£479, AU$649) for the 32GB model, US$699 (£559, AU$759) for the 64GB and US$799 (£639, AU$869) for the 128GB iPad. The new iPad will likely start at £399 / $499.

Now, I’m so excited to forcast more, I'm waiting for its release anxiously. So let’s stop guessing, just wait and see.

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