How to Back Up and Restore iPhone Call Log History

iPhone call history backup and restore

Can I Recover iPhone Call Log?

“Help! I lost an important missed call number on my iPhone. When I was ready to call back, I mistakenly deleted it. I've waited for a whole day, but the caller didn't call me again. It matters my job and very important. Is there any way to recover iPhone call history? Please help me!”

When you lost call logs but the number is not in your contact list, and you need the number badly as in this case. How can you recover the lost call history? As a matter of fact, to recover deleted or lost call history is easy with proper iPhone call history recovery tool. Try Tenorshare iPhone data recovery if needed.

Fast guide to Recover iPhone Call History If You Never Backed Up iPhone to iTunes or iCloud

Lost iPhone call history and happen to realize that you didn’t even make a backup before call history lost. Don’t be panic though. Use Tenorshare iPhone data recovery to recover the lost call history or other files from iPhone directly. In addition, the new iPhone 5S/5C with iOS 7 and other iDevices which has updated to iOS 7 are also supported.

Firstly, downloading and running the iPhone Call History Recovery program. After it, connect your iPhone to the PC.

Secondly, let your iPhone (if you hold an iPhone 4/3GS) go into DFU mode so that the program can scan your iPhone files.

Finally, after scan, you can see the entire recoverable files list on the left of this program. Then choose the category of what you want to recover, and click the button of "Recover" to save them on your PC.

How to Backup iPhone Call Log History to Windows PC?

Since it is annoying and troublesome to lose iPhone call history, is there a way to avoid iPhone call history loss? Sure, to backup your call history from iPhone to computer. Then you will have a copy on the computer. Whenever you want to refer to your iPhone call history, you just need to go to computer disk where you save the call history.

To backup iPhone call history to computer, what you need is also the iPhone data recovery, it performs as an iPhone call history backup tool here. Steps are similar to the recovery operation. Now I will introduce another method to backup iPhone call history - backup iPhone call history to iTunes.

How to Backup iPhone call history to iTunes?

Every time you sync your iPhone to iTunes and if the automatic sync option is not disabled, it will generate a backup of your iPhone data. If it didn't make the backup automatically, you can also make a manual backup by following the steps below:

1. Note that you should turn off the iCloud if you use iTunes to backup, or iTunes won’t work.

2. Connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.

3. Click the File menu and select Devices > Back up.

How to Restore iPhone Call History and Other Data from iTunes Backup?

Since you have an iTunes backup successfully made by the above guide,now how do you restore your iPhone data from the backup if it lost? It is easy!

To restore from iTunes backup, what you need to do is to launch iTunes on the computer and go to iTunes> Preferences> Devices. You will see a window with all of your backups listed on it.

Have you ever suffered another occasion: Unfortunately lost or broken iPhone and only have an iPhone backup, how do you restore lost data from the iTunes backup? Is it possible? Sure! iPhone data recovery provides the option to restore iPhone data from iTunes backup without iPhone. Just extract the data from the iTunes backup. That is, the recovery mode of “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File”.

More about iPhone backup, please click here to learn more about iPhone backup – iTunes backup & iCloud backup.

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