iOS 7/8 Deleted All My iPhone Photos – How to Recover Lost Pictures after Updating to iOS 7/8

Note: This article is originally published on Sep. 2013 after iOS 7 was released. But the method mentioned below is fit for any iOS update including the newest iOS 8 and the future iOS 9, 10 and more. The recommended iPhone Data Recovery Software is keeping updating to be compatible with the latest iOS version. And it is also capable to recover other iPhone data like text messages, Tango messages, WhatsApp messages and chat history, Viber  call and messages, notes, videos in camera roll, contacts, Safari bookmarks and so on.  So feel free to read on.

Lost Photos after iOS 7/8 update, Have No Backup

I have downloaded and installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5. The download and the installation went well and nothing seems wrong during the updating process. But after 20 Min or so, when I came back to my photo album, I found nothing in my album. Oh, my god! iOS 7 erased all my pictures! And I found that my contacts and messages were all erased. Stupid iOS 7!

Anyone can give me a solution to recover my lost pictures, contacts and other all data erased in iOS 7 upgrade? What’s worse, I forgot to backup my iPhone before iOS 7 update. My friends told me that if I have no backup, it is no way to recover iPhone data after lost. However, I still hold a hope that someone else has better way to recover data without backup!

Is it possible to Recover Lost Data after iPhone Upgrading to iOS 7?

Since the release of iOS 7, iFans can’t wait to have an experience of the all new gadget. Then data loss problems and more new problems are swelling up. I have heard many many iPhone users complaining that the new iOS 7 killed their various data on iPhone. And many careless or hungry users forgot to make a backup with iTunes, iCloud or other iPhone backup tool. So when they found data erased by iOS 7 update, they can’t be more anxious especially it is important business data. Actually, you don’t need to as long as you know that you can find your data with iPhone data recovery without backup.

How to Free Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup?

However, backing iPhone before adventurous operations such as iPhone iOS update, iPhone jailbreak is always a good habit. If you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes before iOS 7 update, you are able to restore iPhone from iTunes backup.

Note: Before connecting your iPhone with iTunes to restore from the previous backup, disable the automatic sync option in case that your iTunes backup is covered by the empty data on your iPhone. To disable automatic sync option, in preferences: Edit > Preferences > Devices > Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically should be switched Off. Then in iTunes,
1. Right click on your phone's name.
2. Select “Restore from Backup”. If you don't have an iTunes backup, iTunes will not offer this option.
3. Use the drop-down menu to select a backup then click “Restore”.
4. Wait till the backup is restored. It depends how many files you have restored. So please wait patiently.
5. Click “OK”.
6. Wait while the Apple iPhone 5 is synced.
7. When the restoration is done, you can disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

How to Recover Lost Photos without Backup after iOS 7 Update?

iOS 8 data recovery for lost photos

If you don’t make a backup before iOS 7 updating, don’t be worried. Tenorshare iPhone data recovery is able to recover iPhone photos and other more data without backup, directly from iPhone. It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly program. Simple using steps are as follows.
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC with a digital cable.
Step 2: Start to scan your data ever stored on iPhone.
Step 3: Preview files on your iPhone in the preview pane.
Step 4: Recover your iPhone data optionally, you can recover your wanted ones, and not all the necessarily.
Step 5: Specify a specific location for the recovered iPhone data.

Learn more, please visit: How to recover deleted photos from iPhone


  1. Anonymous10/15/2013

    It likes a lifesaver to recover my iPhone photos and contacts, notes deleted by the iOS 7 update. Thank you!

    1. I am glad it helps. Have a nice day, always.

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  3. Anonymous2/20/2014

    sucks, i need apple app.

    1. You can go to Apple Support Community to get help. Good luck!

  4. the last option doesn't work

    1. That might be because your space is overwritten. iPhone data recovery works only before space overwritten. Remember not to use your iPhone while you realized the data loss.