How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone 5, 4S

“Hi, I created an important note on my new iPhone. I accidentally selected all data on that note and hit the "8" key. All the data was replaced by "8". As I didn’t know how to undo, I opened a new note and the old note vanished. PLEASE… Advise on how I can recover deleted note from iPhone 5!! Many thanks in advance!!!”

Due to various strange or unexpected reasons, iPhone notes lost. Now what we care about is how to recover deleted iPhone notes.

 Don’t worry, we have iPhone note recovery which is designed to recover deleted or lost notes from iPhone 5, 4Ss, 4, 3GS. In this article, I will take iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S as an example to tell you how to perform iPhone note recovery.

How to Recover Delete Notes from iPhone 5, 4S?

Under different situations, we have different solutions to restore iPhone notes. Generally, we divided it into whether you have an iTunes backup; and whether your iPhone is available. Three methods are correspondingly.

NO 1: Recover Deleted iPhone Notes with iTunes

Imagine that you have iTunes backup and your iPhone is in hand. Then you can connect your iPhone with iTunes and restore iPhone note from iTunes backup free. iPhone and iTunes backup are needed in the same time.

1. Open iTunes and right click on your phone's name.
2. Select “Restore from Backup”. If you don't have an iTunes backup, iTunes will not offer this option.
3. Use the drop-down menu to select a backup then click “Restore”.
4. Wait till the backup is restored. It depends how many files you have restored. So please wait patiently.
5. Click “OK”.
6. Wait while the Apple iPhone 5 or 4S is synced.
7. When the restoration is done, you can disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

NO 2: Restore iPhone Deleted Notes from iTunes Backup without iPhone

If you have an iTunes backup but iPhone is lost or broken. Can you restore iPhone from the iTunes backup? Absolutely yes! All you need is an iTunes backup extractor. It is able to restore the iTunes backup to your local computer, so even your iPhone is not available, your iTunes backup can be extracted.

1. After download and installation of the iTunes data recovery, run it on your computer. In the main interface, choose your device’s backup to “Start Scan”.
2. Then preview the files backed up in iTunes. All these files can be extracted including notes, call history, text messages, camera roll, contacts and so on, they are listed on the left of this program.
3. When you previewed, you can choose you wanted files and mark the. Then press the “Recover” button.

NO 3: Recover Lost Notes from iPhone without Backup

There is also another situation, notes disappeared from iPhone but you never backed them up. You are wondering that if there is a way to recover deleted notes from iPhone directly without iPhone. Now I will give tell you that it is completely possible. iPhone data recovery allows you to retrieve data such as contacts, photos, Safari bookmarks, calendar events, SMS messages and more other data from iOS device directly. When running the iPhone data recovery program, you should choose the first recovery mode – “Recover Data from iOS Device”. Then it is easy to recover data on iPhone 5, 4S. Connect >Scan >Preview >Recover.

Now with so many methods, can you recover your lost iPhone notes? Here is a video about iPhone note recovery.

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