iPad Data Recovery – Recover Contacts, Photos, Notes and Other Data from iPad 4, 3, 2, iPad Mini

recover  lost or deleted data on iPad
Tenorshare iPad Data Recovery

iPad is favored by most people especially young people because it brings joy to our life . Everywhere and whenever we feel boring, we can enjoy our iPad 4/mini//3/2. W can use it to take pictures, and won’t miss every exciting moment. Also make notes to take down our happiness or sorrows instead writing with pens and papers. It is also so convenient to keep a close communication with our friends.

Lost iPad Data Now and Then Due to Various Reasons

However, problems also come along conveniences. Mistakenly deleting iPad data such as contacts, precious photos and videos, etc. happens now and then. Or, when we jailbreak or iOS update our iPad, data is also easy to lose. What’s more, sometimes our little naughty sisters and brothers feel like to pick it and gliding their little figures without any thoughts. At this time, more unexpected things such as the catastrophic restoring factory setting can happen. How to recover iPad data has become a hot-searched problem in kinds of search engines.

So I am going to give you a reliable and efficient tool to recover lost data on iPad here. Hope this helps to clear your iPad data worries.

How to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Data with iPad Data Recovery?

iPhone Data Recovery enables you to restore data from iPad 4/mini/3/2 and iPad 1st. It provides iPad data preview before recovery and two recovery modes – Recover iPad data directly from device & Recover iPad data from iTunes backup.
Usually, the direct iPad data recovery mode is recommended because it can ensure all your data on your iPad to be recovered. Unless your iPad is stolen or broken and not available, but have an iPad backup, the “Recover iPad Data from iTunes backup” mode is recommended. This mode can only recover the data in the latest iTunes backup. If you add new data on your iPad but didn’t renew your iTunes backup, the new data won’t be recovered.
Let’s see the direct iPad data Recovery in detail.

Fast Guide for iPad Data Recovery – Easy to Restore iPad Contacts, Photos, Notes and So on  

Before proceeding, download iPhone Data Recovery. You can try the free download version at first. Install it on your PC and then follow the following simple steps:
Step 1: Connect your iPad with your computer using the digital cable that came with your iPad. Initiate iPhone Data Recovery by clicking the desktop shortcut and choose the “Recover Data from iOS Device” mode in the top left corner.
Step 2: Enter DFU mode
This step is only needed if you are an iPad 1 user.
Step 3: Scan your iPad data
This step is completed by a communicating process, and it may take a few while, please wait patiently.
Step 4: Preview and recover iPad accordingly
This iPhone Data Recovery allows you to preview your iPad data before you decide to recover it. Only mark the needed ones to save recovery time. When a window pops up asking for a location on your computer, specify a proper save path and file format for your recovered iPad data.

Bingo! Is this an amazing iPad Data Recovery tool?
Only direct iPad Data recovery is introduced in detail. The other mode can be accomplished with the simple “Scan >Preview >Recover” steps. If needed, operate it by the prompt given in the iPhone Data Recovery. It is just as simple as this mode or easier.

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