iPad Data Recovery – Recover Contacts, Photos, Notes and Other Data from iPad 4, 3, 2, iPad Mini

recover  lost or deleted data on iPad
Tenorshare iPad Data Recovery

iPad is favored by most people especially young people because it brings joy to our life . Everywhere and whenever we feel boring, we can enjoy our iPad 4/mini//3/2. W can use it to take pictures, and won’t miss every exciting moment. Also make notes to take down our happiness or sorrows instead writing with pens and papers. It is also so convenient to keep a close communication with our friends.

Lost iPad Data Now and Then Due to Various Reasons

However, problems also come along conveniences. Mistakenly deleting iPad data such as contacts, precious photos and videos, etc. happens now and then. Or, when we jailbreak or iOS update our iPad, data is also easy to lose. What’s more, sometimes our little naughty sisters and brothers feel like to pick it and gliding their little figures without any thoughts. At this time, more unexpected things such as the catastrophic restoring factory setting can happen. How to recover iPad data has become a hot-searched problem in kinds of search engines.

So I am going to give you a reliable and efficient tool to recover lost data on iPad here. Hope this helps to clear your iPad data worries.

How to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Data with iPad Data Recovery?

iPhone Data Recovery enables you to restore data from iPad 4/mini/3/2 and iPad 1st. It provides iPad data preview before recovery and two recovery modes – Recover iPad data directly from device & Recover iPad data from iTunes backup.
Usually, the direct iPad data recovery mode is recommended because it can ensure all your data on your iPad to be recovered. Unless your iPad is stolen or broken and not available, but have an iPad backup, the “Recover iPad Data from iTunes backup” mode is recommended. This mode can only recover the data in the latest iTunes backup. If you add new data on your iPad but didn’t renew your iTunes backup, the new data won’t be recovered.
Let’s see the direct iPad data Recovery in detail.

Fast Guide for iPad Data Recovery – Easy to Restore iPad Contacts, Photos, Notes and So on  

Before proceeding, download iPhone Data Recovery. You can try the free download version at first. Install it on your PC and then follow the following simple steps:
Step 1: Connect your iPad with your computer using the digital cable that came with your iPad. Initiate iPhone Data Recovery by clicking the desktop shortcut and choose the “Recover Data from iOS Device” mode in the top left corner.
Step 2: Enter DFU mode
This step is only needed if you are an iPad 1 user.
Step 3: Scan your iPad data
This step is completed by a communicating process, and it may take a few while, please wait patiently.
Step 4: Preview and recover iPad accordingly
This iPhone Data Recovery allows you to preview your iPad data before you decide to recover it. Only mark the needed ones to save recovery time. When a window pops up asking for a location on your computer, specify a proper save path and file format for your recovered iPad data.

Bingo! Is this an amazing iPad Data Recovery tool?
Only direct iPad Data recovery is introduced in detail. The other mode can be accomplished with the simple “Scan >Preview >Recover” steps. If needed, operate it by the prompt given in the iPhone Data Recovery. It is just as simple as this mode or easier.


iOS 7/8 Deleted All My iPhone Photos – How to Recover Lost Pictures after Updating to iOS 7/8

Note: This article is originally published on Sep. 2013 after iOS 7 was released. But the method mentioned below is fit for any iOS update including the newest iOS 8 and the future iOS 9, 10 and more. The recommended iPhone Data Recovery Software is keeping updating to be compatible with the latest iOS version. And it is also capable to recover other iPhone data like text messages, Tango messages, WhatsApp messages and chat history, Viber  call and messages, notes, videos in camera roll, contacts, Safari bookmarks and so on.  So feel free to read on.

Lost Photos after iOS 7/8 update, Have No Backup

I have downloaded and installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5. The download and the installation went well and nothing seems wrong during the updating process. But after 20 Min or so, when I came back to my photo album, I found nothing in my album. Oh, my god! iOS 7 erased all my pictures! And I found that my contacts and messages were all erased. Stupid iOS 7!

Anyone can give me a solution to recover my lost pictures, contacts and other all data erased in iOS 7 upgrade? What’s worse, I forgot to backup my iPhone before iOS 7 update. My friends told me that if I have no backup, it is no way to recover iPhone data after lost. However, I still hold a hope that someone else has better way to recover data without backup!

Is it possible to Recover Lost Data after iPhone Upgrading to iOS 7?

Since the release of iOS 7, iFans can’t wait to have an experience of the all new gadget. Then data loss problems and more new problems are swelling up. I have heard many many iPhone users complaining that the new iOS 7 killed their various data on iPhone. And many careless or hungry users forgot to make a backup with iTunes, iCloud or other iPhone backup tool. So when they found data erased by iOS 7 update, they can’t be more anxious especially it is important business data. Actually, you don’t need to as long as you know that you can find your data with iPhone data recovery without backup.

How to Free Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup?

However, backing iPhone before adventurous operations such as iPhone iOS update, iPhone jailbreak is always a good habit. If you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes before iOS 7 update, you are able to restore iPhone from iTunes backup.

Note: Before connecting your iPhone with iTunes to restore from the previous backup, disable the automatic sync option in case that your iTunes backup is covered by the empty data on your iPhone. To disable automatic sync option, in preferences: Edit > Preferences > Devices > Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically should be switched Off. Then in iTunes,
1. Right click on your phone's name.
2. Select “Restore from Backup”. If you don't have an iTunes backup, iTunes will not offer this option.
3. Use the drop-down menu to select a backup then click “Restore”.
4. Wait till the backup is restored. It depends how many files you have restored. So please wait patiently.
5. Click “OK”.
6. Wait while the Apple iPhone 5 is synced.
7. When the restoration is done, you can disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

How to Recover Lost Photos without Backup after iOS 7 Update?

iOS 8 data recovery for lost photos

If you don’t make a backup before iOS 7 updating, don’t be worried. Tenorshare iPhone data recovery is able to recover iPhone photos and other more data without backup, directly from iPhone. It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly program. Simple using steps are as follows.
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC with a digital cable.
Step 2: Start to scan your data ever stored on iPhone.
Step 3: Preview files on your iPhone in the preview pane.
Step 4: Recover your iPhone data optionally, you can recover your wanted ones, and not all the necessarily.
Step 5: Specify a specific location for the recovered iPhone data.

Learn more, please visit: How to recover deleted photos from iPhone


How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone 5, 4S

“Hi, I created an important note on my new iPhone. I accidentally selected all data on that note and hit the "8" key. All the data was replaced by "8". As I didn’t know how to undo, I opened a new note and the old note vanished. PLEASE… Advise on how I can recover deleted note from iPhone 5!! Many thanks in advance!!!”

Due to various strange or unexpected reasons, iPhone notes lost. Now what we care about is how to recover deleted iPhone notes.

 Don’t worry, we have iPhone note recovery which is designed to recover deleted or lost notes from iPhone 5, 4Ss, 4, 3GS. In this article, I will take iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S as an example to tell you how to perform iPhone note recovery.

How to Recover Delete Notes from iPhone 5, 4S?

Under different situations, we have different solutions to restore iPhone notes. Generally, we divided it into whether you have an iTunes backup; and whether your iPhone is available. Three methods are correspondingly.

NO 1: Recover Deleted iPhone Notes with iTunes

Imagine that you have iTunes backup and your iPhone is in hand. Then you can connect your iPhone with iTunes and restore iPhone note from iTunes backup free. iPhone and iTunes backup are needed in the same time.

1. Open iTunes and right click on your phone's name.
2. Select “Restore from Backup”. If you don't have an iTunes backup, iTunes will not offer this option.
3. Use the drop-down menu to select a backup then click “Restore”.
4. Wait till the backup is restored. It depends how many files you have restored. So please wait patiently.
5. Click “OK”.
6. Wait while the Apple iPhone 5 or 4S is synced.
7. When the restoration is done, you can disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

NO 2: Restore iPhone Deleted Notes from iTunes Backup without iPhone

If you have an iTunes backup but iPhone is lost or broken. Can you restore iPhone from the iTunes backup? Absolutely yes! All you need is an iTunes backup extractor. It is able to restore the iTunes backup to your local computer, so even your iPhone is not available, your iTunes backup can be extracted.

1. After download and installation of the iTunes data recovery, run it on your computer. In the main interface, choose your device’s backup to “Start Scan”.
2. Then preview the files backed up in iTunes. All these files can be extracted including notes, call history, text messages, camera roll, contacts and so on, they are listed on the left of this program.
3. When you previewed, you can choose you wanted files and mark the. Then press the “Recover” button.

NO 3: Recover Lost Notes from iPhone without Backup

There is also another situation, notes disappeared from iPhone but you never backed them up. You are wondering that if there is a way to recover deleted notes from iPhone directly without iPhone. Now I will give tell you that it is completely possible. iPhone data recovery allows you to retrieve data such as contacts, photos, Safari bookmarks, calendar events, SMS messages and more other data from iOS device directly. When running the iPhone data recovery program, you should choose the first recovery mode – “Recover Data from iOS Device”. Then it is easy to recover data on iPhone 5, 4S. Connect >Scan >Preview >Recover.

Now with so many methods, can you recover your lost iPhone notes? Here is a video about iPhone note recovery.


How to Recover iPhone Lost Files without Backup

Is It Possible to Recover iPhone Data If I Have Not Backed Up with iTunes?

Is it possible to restore iPhone without backup? I have downgraded the buggy iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.3, but only to find that most of the data on my iPhone are gone, including my contacts, messages, recording, pictures, notes, etc. What’s worse, I have forgotten to back up my iPhone either before iOS 7 upgrade or before downgrade to iOS 6. Is there any way to achieve iPhone restore without backup? The data on my iPhone are really important to me, so I don’t want to lose them.”

The world around is technology-driven environment full of harsh complexities. It is hard to confront the iconic tablets by Apple, appealing mobiles, attractive Macs, etc. They aren’t always perfect. What is worse, sometimes stuff around becomes stupid and behave in strange ways. This is a moment to prove that it is not technology that ruling us but we are ruling technology. And this is a moment when iTroubleshooter comes in handy.

Generally, you cannot restore iPhone if you have no backup through either iTunes or iCloud. But is it meaning that your lost data gone forever? No, we have more powerful brain to design specialized tool to restore iPhone data without any backup!

How Can We Restore iPhone without Any Backup?

We have software called iPhone Data Recovery, which enables us to recover deleted data from iPhone directly without backup. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is a piece of software that is an all-in-one data recovery program for almost all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You don’t need to worry about no backups, because it is able to directly scan your iDevices to recover multiple files lost from your iOS devices due to wrong deletion, formatted memory card, restoring to factory settings, iOS update, downgrade or jailbreak, etc. Plus, the deleted files that can be recovered include messages (MMS, SMS, iMessages), picture, contacts, call histories, calendars events, notes, cameral roll, and Safari bookmarks and so on, 11 types of files in all.

To recover iPhone without backup, what you need are: Your iOS device, like an iPhone; The USB digital cable of your iDevice; iPhone Data Recovery software; A Windows computer or a Mac to run the data recovery program.
Now let’s learn how to perform the iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve lost files on iPhone directly.

Fast Guide to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Data from iPhone without Backup

With no backup, you need to recover the lost file from iPhone the device directly.

Step 1: Download iPhone Data Recovery and run it. Connect iPhone with PC using an USB connector. Choose the first mode of “Recover Data from iOS Device” from the top menu.

Step 2: Enter the DFU mode to scan iPhone (This is needless for iPhone 5/4S users)

Firstly, Hold “Home” and “Power” button for 5 seconds to power off iPhone, then click “start”. Secondly, press “Home” and “Power” from 10 seconds.
Finally, press “Power” and hold “Home” for 15 seconds.
Then we can enter the DFU mode and there will be progress windows for communicating with device to scan the lost data.

Step 3: Read lost data scanned
After the communication finished, all the lost data on the iPhone will be listed in categories. That means the tool can recover lost all the 11 kinds of files types.

Step 4: Recover lost data
Choose the listed lost data, click “Recover” and set the save path for the files recovered. After finished, exit DFU mode by holding “Home” and “Power” button for about 5 seconds.

This is the whole process to recover iPhone data, simple and reliable. Have any problem, tell me in the following comment box, I will help you with my best experience and knowledge.

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Ways You Need to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone 4S

How Do I Recover All Deleted Texts on My iPhone 4S?

“I accidentally deleted important text messages off my iPhone 4S. I’ve tried to recover them but I don’t know how. I got a new computer since the last time I sync it on iTunes so I really need help finding a new way to backup all the files on my phone, and how to get deleted text messages from iPhone 4S?”

Many iPhone users are coming across such issue. As a matter of fact, lost text messages on iPhone is not a big deal at all. To recover the lost texts, what you just need is the help of an iPhone data recovery program which allows users to recover deleted text messages from both iOS device and iTunes backup, plus, all iOS devices are supported. Windows and Mac users have respective version to recover iPhone text messages.

Note: For windows users, you can get iPhone text messages recovery from
iPhone text messages recovery for Mac
Then let’s learn how to use this data recovery program in different situations.

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone with iTunes Backup without iPhone

If your iPhone is unfortunately lost or damaged, and only have an iTunes backup, you can recover your lost files from iTunes backup, without iOS device.
Step 1: Install and run iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Select the type of your device and choose "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File" option.
Step 2: Scan the Backup File. If you have backed up your iPhone constantly, or synced more than one Apple device on the computer before, there will be several backup files displayed in the list. Choose the right and latest backup version, then, click "Start Scan" to go on.
Step 3: Choose and retrieve lost iPhone text messages. After scanning, a list of lost data files will display on the left bar of this program, including Camera Roll, Call History, Contacts, Messages, etc. Check "Messages" and choose those messages you want. Click "Recover" to restore those lost or deleted messages on your computer.

Part 2: Directly Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 4S without Any Backup

If you never backed up your iPhone or you made the backup long time ago, or the backup is corrupted or… You have no backup, don’t worry, this program allows you to recover lost data from iPhone directly.
Step 1: After right download and installation of the iPhone data recovery, connect your iPhone 4S with the computer. Run the program and choose the recovery mode – “Recover Data from iOS Device”
Step 2: After successfully connected, the program will lead you to scan your iPhone with a communicating process. Wait patiently because it may take a long while to scan.
Step 3: Preview and Recover lost texts
After the scan, scanning results are listed on the left, in categories. Check "Messages" and preview them one by one or selectively. Click those you'd like to get back and press "Recover" button.
Step 4: When all the recovery preparation is done, you need to choose a proper save path for the recovered texts. After that, you can find deleted iPhone 4S text messages from this location.

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