How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 5 – iPhone 5 Photo Recovery

iPhone is a very advanced mobile phone that is used in all over the world. Using this you can take photograph anywhere anytime. With its convenience, digital camera is not a must when you are out to travel or other else. You can store lots of photos, music, videos, SMS messages, contacts, and other data on your iPhone.

What disturbs us is that sometimes you mistakenly delete some photos or other data from your iPhone but later you realize that they are important for you. Many times, iPhone users have to face the problem of data loss because of many reasons. Thus, to recover data from iPhone has become a serious problem. However, thanks to the various data recovery software for iPhone, recovering iPhone data is just a piece of cake nowadays.

Part 1: Recover iPhone Backed Up Data with iTunes

As an iPhone user, we have no excuse not to use iTunes fully. We should backup our iPhone data frequently and regularly. This backup file will help user when there is data loss issue. In such cases, user can restore data using this backup files.

Now imagine that you have an iTunes backup of your iPhone data, such as iPhone photos, contacts, text messages and so on. Let’s learn how to recover lost photos from iPhone backup with iTunes.

1. Open iTunes and right click on your phone's name.
2. Select “Restore from Backup”. If you don't have an iTunes backup, iTunes will not offer this option.
3. Use the drop-down menu to select a backup then click “Restore”.
4. Wait till the backup is restored. It depends how many files you have restored. So please wait patiently.
5. Click “OK”.
6. Wait while the Apple iPhone 5 is synced.
7. When the restoration is done, you can disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

In some cases, however, the iTunes does not help user to recover complete data or show some error message during the recovery process, then you must go for third party tool, iPhone 5 data recovery software is a piece of such software which can recover all important data on iPhone 5.  It is a very efficient tool that recovers data deleted or lost from iPhone. Plus, user can recover data from iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, all iPads and iPod, iPod Touch, etc.Mac and windows version is available to users using different device models.

Part 2: Recover Lost iPhone Photos with iPhone 5 Data Recovery

Since we have learnt that even you cannot restore your data with iTunes, you can still use iPhone data recovery to find your lost data on iPhone. Then learn how to use the iPhone 5 Data Recovery Tool to recover your lost pictures.

1. Download the software – Tenorshare iPhone 5 Photo Recovery. You can try the free trial version at first. Install and run it on your computer.

For mac: http://www.tenorshare.com/products/iphone-data-recovery-mac.html

2. Connect your iPhone 5 with computer. Then run the data recovery program. Choose the option “Recover Data from iOS Device”.

3. Scan your iPhone through a communicating process.

4. Preview your files including photos in the left of the program. Mark the ones that you want to recover, then click “Recover” button.

5. Specify a location for your recovered file. From this location, you can view your files directly. Go to check it.

You can try any of the solutions to recover your lost iPhone 5 pictures. Hope this helps. If you have any problem on recovering iPhone photos, tell me in the following comment box, I will help you to my best knowledge and experience.

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What to Do if Your iPhone is Stolen

Apple deserves some credit for creating consumer electronics, it also means that people are more willing to steal them. And if that happens to you, it might lose a lot more than just a phone. You could easily lose your identity, your personal data, and maybe some bad people will use your phone number to send messages to your relatives, friends for money, and you may lose trust of your friends.

So bad! It is more than a disaster!

So when you discover that your iPhone has been stolen, dozens of thoughts may race through your head. Anger, worry, surprise are all likely to pop up. But what you really need to do is to take some useful actions. While there's no guarantee that these steps will get your iPhone back, they won't hurt and will succeed in some cases.

1. Change Your Passwords

When we use our own phone, we are likely to choose the option “Remember password” so that we don’t need to enter passwords every time we use the apps, such as email account, facebook, online bank account, and so on. So it is always a good advice to change these passwords to prevent the thief from abusing.

2. Track the iPhone

Though it has slim hope to find the iPhone back, we should not give up any effort to do it. There are a number of ways to use the iPhone's built-in GPS to track a stolen iPhone. Apple's free Find My iPhone service and many third-party apps from the App Store will help you locate the phone geographically. Some of these apps such as Find My iPhone also allow you to change security settings remotely.

3. Get Police Help if You Locate Your iPhone Successfully

If you've been able to locate your stolen iPhone via a GPS-based tracking app, don't try to recover it yourself. Going to the house of the person who stole your phone is a certain recipe for trouble. Instead, contact the police department, make sure to have your report information at hand, and let them know that you've got additional information about the location of the stolen phone. The police ought to be willing to recover the phone for you.

4. Delete the Data if You Failed to Track the iPhone

If you can't get the stolen iPhone back, or it's taking too long, you may want to delete the phone's data. You can do this over the web using MobileMe or some of the other tracking apps. This won't prevent the thief from using your iPhone, but at least they won't have access to your personal data after that.

5. Recover Data on Your iPhone

If you have an iTunes backup before iPhone is stolen, you can recover these data from the iTunes backup. Since your iPhone is not available, so the iTunes backup is necessary to perform the data recovery for your iPhone. So now you have confirmed the importance to make a regular and frequent backup of your iPhone.

How to Restore iPhone Data from iTunes Backup

Firstly, you need a data recovery for iTunes backup, Tenorshare iTunes data recovery is recommended here. It is easy to use with a reasonable price. Now I will give a brief introduction of how to use it. You can learn more from:


Step 1: After the right download and installation of this software, run it on your computer. The main interface is shown as below.

There is a list of devices that ever synced with this computer. Choose your backup according to the device name and click “Start Scan”.

Step 2: When scan is done, you are allowed to preview the data on the program, meantime, mark your wanted ones.

Step 3: Press “Recover” button if you have decided what to recover. Then specify a save path in the pop up window.

Now though your iPhone is stolen, you important data such as contacts, photos, text messages, call history, notes, bookmarks and so on in the iTunes backup are back. This however comforts you to some degree.

Note: This is also fit for other iDevice's backup, such as iPad, iPod touch backup. And want to recover data directly from iOS devices and have no iTunes backup, you need to use iPhone data recovery.


Ways You Need to Recover Deleted/Lost Data after iOS 7 Downgrade

Lost iPhone Data after iOS 7 Downgrade

“Last night, I have downgrade my iPhone 5 from iOS 7 to iOS 6.I think the iOS 7 Operating system is very uncomfortable to use for me. Moreover, the iOS 7 itself has a lot of bugs, although it's designed innovatively, I still prefer to use iOS 6, so I downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6 version. But after I downgrade my iPhone 5 to iOS 6, all my iPhone contacts, call list recording and text messages are lost, also my important pictures, videos and notes were gone. I want to know how torecover lost data from my iPhone 5 after downgrade to iOS 6?”

iPhone data loss happens now and then due to various reasons, iOS 7 downgrade has now been a popular cause of them.

Note: Learn how to access and install iOS 7 in your iPhone

Personally, since only the iOS 7 Beta which is designed for developers is available so far, it is not good enough to have a comfortable experience. So let's come to a stop when trying to the newest iOS 7 and wait for the official version to come at fall.

However, thanks to the iPhone Data Recovery software, iPhone data loss is not so scared today.Choose a reliable and easy-to-use tool is the key to recovering your lost data.

How to Recover Erased Data from iPhone after iOS 7 Downgrade?

Generally, you have more than one way to recover your lost data if you have a good habit to backup your data with iCloud or iTunes.

Now suppose that you have an iTunes backup created before the Ios 7 downgrade (learn how to backup your iPhone), learn how to restore iPhone files from iTunes backup free.

Restore iPhone Data from iTunes Backup Free

1. Configure iTunes so that it does not automatically sync with your iPhone when your phone isconnected to your computer
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
3. Open iTunes
4. Right-click on your device and press ‘Restore from backup…’

Given that you don't have a backup of your iPhone, or the backup is created long ago, many recent

files on your iPhone are not in the backup, you may need to use a piece of software for iPhone data recovery to recover the deleted/lost data from iPhone directly.

Guide to Recover Data from iPhone without Backup

Step 1: Since this iPhone data recovery software is not an application which can run on iPhone directly, you need to download and install it on your computer. After this, connect iPhone with PC using a USB connector, then initiate it, choose the first mode of “Recover Data from iOS Device” from the top menu.

Step 2: Enter the DFU mode to scan iPhone (This is needless for iPhone 5/4S users)
Firstly, Hold “Home” and “Power” button for 5 seconds to power off iPhone, then click “start”.
Secondly, press “Home” and “Power” from 10 seconds.
Finally, press “Power” and hold “Home” for 15 seconds.

Then we can enter the DFU mode and there will be progress windows for communicating with device to scan the lost data.

Step 3: Read lost data scanned
When the communication is finished, all your iPhone data lost during the iOS 7 downgrade will be listed in categories. It means that the tool can recover all the 11 kinds of files types.

Step 4: Recover lost data
Choose the listed lost data, click “Recover” and set the save path for the files recovered.After finished, exit DFU mode by holding “Home” and “Power” button for about 5 seconds.

Step 5: When recovery is done, you can go back to see the regained data from the location you just specified.