Free Way to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 4S


How Do You Lose iPhone 4S Contacts?

In the following scenarios, we may lose iPhone 4S contacts unfortunately:
1. After synced your iPhone 4S to iTunes, and unfortunately to notice that all your contacts on your iPhone 4S address book had disappeared?
2. We accidently delete the phone number of our friends in iPhone contacts.
3. iPhone damaged or stolen

Is There Any Free Way to Restore My Lost iPhone 4S Contacts?

The answer depends on whether you have a backup of your iPhone 4S contacts. If yes, then the answer is “there is”!

When you have a back in iTunes, you can restore contacts from iPhone backup free and easy with iTunes.

How to perform iPhone 4S contacts recovery in iTunes? Just 4 simple steps are needed:
 • Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes
 • Right-Click on the iPhone and select “Restore from Backup”
 • You'll see the “Last Synced” time and iPhone name
 • Click ‘Restore’

Now you are still depressed? Why? You never made any backup anywhere? Don’t be depressed! There is another remedy provided by some third-party utility. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is such one. It allows you to recover iPhone contacts without backup and directly scan and recover from the device.

To regain the lost contacts deleted from your iPhone 4S, you need to get an iPhone 4S contacts restoring tool, which is especially designed for users who want to scan the contents from iTunes backup file and restore to iPhone, or recover the lost contacts from iPhone directly.

Note: If you choose the second recovery mode – Recover data from iTunes backup, it turns the backup file into recoverable contacts, SMS, calendar, call history, notes, photos and videos separately, so that you can restore any of them selectively.

To make you understand how to recover contacts from your 4S without backup, also see how iPhone 4S Contact Recovery works, we give you the step by step tutorial below.

Guide to Recover iPhone 4S Contacts without Backup

1. Download the following Windows tool to your computer: Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery.

Note: For Mac users, please click here to get the Mac version.

2. Run the program and connect the iPhone to your computer.

3. Select “Recover Data from iOS Device” option in the top menu of this program.

4. Click “Start Scan” to scan your iPhone. There will be a communicating process for scan.

5.  Preview and recover your contacts on your iPhone 4S. When clicking “Contacts” folder, contacts including the lost ones will appear in the right of the main program window. Then mark your wanted ones to “Recover”.

If you have any problem on your contacts recovery for iPhone 4S, tell us, we will try our best knowledge and experience to help you!


  1. Anonymous8/15/2013

    Thank you for your tips! I have recovered the lost contacts from my iPhone 4S!

  2. I have restored my iPhone 4S contacts with iTunes free by your guide. Though some of them are not restored because they are not backed up. Most of them and the most important ones are retrieved. Thank you again. I will backup my iPhone frequently on the future.